Formed in 1993, Baker Dennard & Goetz ("BDG") is an Atlanta based commercial real estate firm whose principals, John Baker, Don Dennard and Wade Goetz, have over 75 combined years of successful real estate experience. The Company concentrates on income producing properties, primarily office/warehouse, retail and office properties. BDG’s philosophy is that value is created through disciplined acquisitions and developments coupled with diligent management and leasing. The objective of BDG is profitable growth based on the success of its clients and partners.

Property Management and Leasing

BDG's property management and leasing philosophies emphasize consistent growth in cash flows and long-term value creation. Personal attention and prompt decision-making distinguish BDG's services. In managing its properties, BDG carefully justifies and thoroughly bids expenditures to assure the best value for its tenants and owners. In its leasing efforts, BDG uses creative strategies to provide both parties with a mutually satisfactory arrangement. Throughout the process, BDG's principals are personally involved, from negotiating cost effective property insurance to maintaining close relationships with key tenants. The result has been many long-term relationships with both tenants and owners.

Real Estate Acquisition / Development

BDG's principals have significant investment/development experience in industrial, retail, office and land projects, and search diligently for additional opportunities. Before a decision to proceed, each investment candidate is subjected to a series of analyses progressing from the global to the project specific. If the decision is to proceed, a BDG principal assumes direct responsibility in the management, leasing and development efforts. BDG's careful and successful approach has resulted in several long-term relationships with major real estate investors.

In addition to outside sources, BDG principals invest their own equity in projects undertaken by the company, underscoring their commitment to the success of its investments.

Property Rehabilitation / Expansion

BDG takes a disciplined approach to the rehabilitation and expansion of properties. Before a project is begun, BDG performs a complete analysis to ensure a sufficient investment return will be generated through increased revenues, decreased expenses, or both. Success is dependent upon careful management of the process. A BDG principal assumes direct responsibility for each project. Costs are controlled through tightly scoped purchasing procedures and continuous supervision. Marketing efforts are adjusted to emphasize the improved asset. Over the years, BDG has made the following improvements to its properties: office demolition and replacement, new parking configurations, new signage programs, additional exterior windows and doors, new electrical and mechanical systems, and landscape and hardscape reconfiguration and replacement.